TCB Operating Solutions, is located in Omaha, Nebraska, and is founded on a strong philospy of Business Partnering.  Our primary focus is to provide on-site or off-site Business Management and Professional Executive/Administrative Virtual Solutions and Services to Small- and Medium-Size Businesses, Retired Executives, and Solo-Entrepreneurs.  As a business owner, we know the investment one makes in building a successful business.  We walk in your shoes every day.

TCB stands with its clients as partners, viewing your needs as our own and striving to find successful Solutions so that your goals are achieved and success is realized.  We have a vested interest in assisting you to reach your goals.  When your business succeeds – our business succeeds.  It is a WIN, WIN.

As an entrepreneur in today’s fast-paced business world, we understand that you wear many hats throughout the day.  From CEO to Office Manager, Administrative Assistant to Tech Troubleshooter, you are always the Go-To-Guy.  Why not pass one of those hats to TCB?  Let us handle the support tasks while you focus on your core business.

Our Virtual Business Management Services gives you professional executive and administrative support on an as-needed basis.  TCB provides the benefits of a dedicated staff without the corresponding expense.  By partnering with TCB, clients eliminate numerous overhead costs and realize immediate savings.  Areas where these savings are realized include employee benefits, payroll taxes, training, office space, furniture, equipment, and software.

TCB clients have been and continue to be small- and medium-size business owners, developers, solo-entrepreneurs, construction contractors, website owners, realtors, as well as individuals looking for business management assistance.

 TCB LogoTaking Care of Your Business, Giving You Peace of Mind