What is a Virtual Business Manager?
A Virtual Business Manager is a highly skilled independent contractor who provides executive and administrative services to clients by using the Internet and other modern technology. The use of this technology enables a Virtual Business Manager to seamlessly support clients in their own backyard as well as around the world.

TCB strives to stay current in modern technology. On-going education in all aspects serving and managing businesses becomes the backbone of a successful Virtual Business Management practice. A Virtual Business Manager is always seeking new tools and techniques to not only make their own business successful but their client’s business as well.

Why partner with a Virtual Business Manager?
Partnering with a Virtual Manager gives today’s busy entrepreneurs as little or as much executive and administrative support based on their needs and budget. This allows today’s entrepreneur to receive the benefits of a dedicated staff without the corresponding expense.

By partnering with a Virtual Business Manager, a client will eliminate numerous overhead costs. Among the areas where a client will see immediate savings are: employee benefits, payroll taxes, training, office space, furniture, equipment and software.

Who partners with a Virtual Business Manager?
Clients that partner with a TCB Virtual Business Manager come from all walks of life; from those starting out as a solo entrepreneur to seasoned corporate executives. Here are some of the industries and others utilizing Virtual Business Management services:

Business and Life Coaches
Commercial and Rental Property Management
Independent Consultants
Professional Speakers
Real Estate Professionals
Retired Executives

Isn’t it more expensive than hiring an on-site business manager?
Actually no, it’s not.  At first glance when just comparing rates it appears so, but as we all know some appearances can be deceiving.  By retaining TCB, our clients realize savings in several areas, including:

Employee Benefits – We are business owners and not employees.  Your business is not responsible for payroll taxes, social security, Medicare, insurance, sick pay, vacation, or profit sharing.

Office Overhead – We have a fully equipped office.  We purchase our own software and equipment and provide our own office space.  

Downtime – We only invoice our clients for time spent on tasks for your business.  TCB does not bill for time-wasters such as coffee breaks, water cooler chats, internet surfing, or work day lulls. 

Oversight Management – TCB produces results and stays on task.  No idle time is being spent waiting for instruction and your time is not spent managing our work day. 

Training – We can hit the ground running.  We are always learning new skills to enhance our business and yours. 

Why not contract a temp agency on an as needed basis?
For certain tasks – catching up on filing or covering for a receptionist’s vacation – hiring from a temp agency will get you over a hump.  What about tasks that need a higher level of assistance and reflect directly on you and your business?  When projects hit a time crunch and you need assistance quickly, do you have time to train a temp?

The downside of utilizing a temp agency is that: 

you never get the same person twice
you do not know the degree of professionalism and integrity the temp will have
you spend your valuable time training and overseeing their work

On the upside, retaining a Virtual Business Manager from TCB, you:

Always get the same person
NEVER have to train or oversee our work
Know we are ready to step-in and assist

How does it work – implementation, communication, project delivery?

TCB designs Virtual Operating Solutions and Services to fit your needs and budget.  We learn how you and your business works best and then structure a plan to meet your criteria.

Our clients have the option of selecting from various retainer plans or contracting on an hourly or project basis. There is no job too small – no task too large. 

Modern technology has afforded us several modes to work with our clients.  We use various types of communication and project delivery including:  phone, e-mail, and remote access, and a project management portal site.

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