Website Administration

Your website is an important internet marketing tool that helps expand your business but requires time, effort, and expert resources to design, develop, and keep it updated and aligned to your current requirements.  The experienced web team of TCB has the expertise to handle the complete task, create website designs, programming the website features, develop website content, and website administration.

Your business is continuously evolving and you need to make changes to your website all the time - content, images and pictures, news and press releases, new job openings, changes to promotions and offers and new products and services. As a small business, you may not have the resources to do full justice to what your website requires; often it is not justified to hire a full or even part-time resource to be your webmaster.

Changes to content and your website overall is welcome by your website users as well as search engines. TCB helps you with website maintenance services and offers to be your web administrator. We can take care of all the functions of your website:

  • Updates to content, create new pages or edit existing pages, add or change images and banners, change the promotions.
  • Optimize web pages and graphics for speed and performance.
  • Bug fixing, tweaking and enhancements for site facelift.
  • Setting up and integrating third party services like Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, Affiliate tracking systems.
  • Administer your e-mail service/webmail.
  • Monthly, weekly or daily backups depending on your requirement to ensure data security and business continuity.

Website maintenance is provided on a pay-as-you-go basis as well as monthly packages for the number of hours you need with assured service levels and response times.

TCB has designed and/or maintains the following websites for their clients.

Greek Islands Restaurant

Simply Greek by Stephanie

Hampton Development Services

Omaha's Original Greek Festival

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